The “Katarina” hall of the Međugorje ethnic village “Herceg” was the scene of the 35th awarding ceremony for the 100 largest companies of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event itself was organized by: Poslovna novine d.o.o. Sarajevo, rating agency LRC BIS and LRC Inkasso, members of the LRC Group with the co-organization of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We received the seal of “100 greatest”, recognition given due to exceptional results in all fields – increase in exports by 46, income by 44, and profit by 31 percent in 2021 compared to the results in the previous year 🎖
Our participation and influence in the life of the community to which we belong is also valued. We are proud and grateful for the respect shown, and we intend to continue operating and growing with the same commitment as before.