EVO – electric drive business

EVO is a new electric delivery vehicle conceived, developed and manufactured by GS TMT together with external collaborators and suppliers.

In the age of increasing expansion and use of electric drive in traffic, EVO is a new “player” on the market and its serial production is projected for 2024, the main emphasis will be on the German market, but the intention is to be represented in the region as well.

Vehicle characteristics

The drive is fully powered by electricity, and the motors run it via two battery modules (Li-Ion). With one charge, both battery modules provide a range of up to 100 kilometers, and at the request of the customer, it is possible to install an additional module. The vehicle is charged within 5 hours using the integrated charger or within 45 minutes at the charging station. As an additional way to charge the batteries, a solar panel is installed. Maximum speed is 45 km/h, maximum load capacity up to 300 kg. The volume of the transport part is about 1700 liters, it has a built-in shelf for easier sorting and transport of goods, and the space is organized so that it can fit one standardized euro pallet, or a similar bulky load such as a washing machine for washing clothes, furniture parts, etc. Thanks to the open design and dimensions (it is narrower than one meter), it is an excellent option for navigation in extremely busy and congested environments, a practical solution for urban and medium-long traffic routes.

45 km/h


max. speed


300 kg


max. payload


10 %


Maximum Slope


1,000 mm


Width less than 1m



  • Electric Drive
  • Battery modules (Li-Ion).

  • Maximum speed 45 km/h

  • Maximum load capacity 300 kg.
  • The volume of the transport part is about 1700 liters

  • Built-in shelves for easier sorting and transportation of goods

The parts produced in our plant are installed in:

  • Packaging machines

  • Construction machines

  • Transfer lines for car industry

  • European railways DB and SNCF

  • High-end Bicycles

  • Printing industry

Our goal and desire for EVO is the expansion of our brand and further expansion of the company’s activities. Parallel to the launch of new factory halls and facilities, we strive to follow the trends and technologies that are in development and current today, in order to be ready for the challenges and opportunities offered in the future.

EVO is the result of the great work and realization of the idea of our development team, and as such it gives them an incentive in further research and development, and to all of us as members of the collective, hope and faith in the growth and success of GS-TMT.

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