GS TMT Horizon Europe Partners Profile

GS-TMT is a SEE regional leader in metal processing renowned for its reliability, high quality standards, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative solutions meeting expectations of the most demanding European manufacturers. Family company Global Sourcing GmbH is a majority owner. GS-TMT is located at the area of 66.000 m2 which encompasses administrative facilities and three production halls of total surface of 14.800 m2, with state-of-the-art-machines and equipment enabling smart manufacturing inhouse.

Out of 437 highly qualified employees, RDI department constitutes 15%, Senior researchers, ESRs and designers generates 82% new products yearly, and income above €22 mil, with export share of 98% serving industry leaders who rated us supplier “A”, like: Grob-Werke GmbH & Co. KG (system solutions and producing components for universal machines, electromobility and automation), Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH (components for construction machinery), Salvagnini Maschinenbau GmbH (components for machinery), Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH& Co. KG (steel machine components), Knorr-Bremse Budapest (steel components for rail vehicles), ThyssenKrupp Infrastructure GmbH (steel construction).

GS-TMT regular service includes customised solution design and production processes: sandblasting, cutting, welding, machining, heat treatments, corrosion protection, powder coating, wet painting, testing and product quality assurance. The entire process is controlled via ERP system SAP for which we, ourselves, develop tools and applications.

GS-TMT is a trusted partner of: regulatory authorities in the EU, BiH Government, Gymnasium and Secondary school centers, Ministry of Finance, Fund for Environment protection, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), member of relevant management and advisory boards like Association of Employers, Wirtschaftsverein BiH, BiH Foreigh Trade Chamber. Furthermore a leader in regional industry-academia cooperation.

The most recent social and flagship projects include: construction of a recycling yard, building photovoltaic energy production plant (2 x 300 kW), introduction of a system aimed at reducing CO2, complete certification ISO Standard eg. (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, EN ISO 15085-3 CL1, EN ISO 3834-2, DIN EN 1090-1 ECX 3 …), preservation of cultural heritage- restauration prestigious regional museum, monument to the victims of fascism, support for sports (children’s clubs) and charities as well as artists. The social segment we are especially proud of is the kindergarten for our employees’ children.

Horizon Europe interests – Strengths as a partner: GS-TMT RDI team is outstanding in creating solutions for emerging mobility and logistic challenges, such as swift package/cargo/passenger transport in a company area, industrial zone, airports, harbours, hospitals, city quarts or densely populated urban areas; Design of innovative, reliable, green mobility and cargo systems; Proven experience in designing and production of innovative lightweight vehicles, usage of novel materials, mechanical construction design (bicycles and quadricycles) and all components such as power train, steering, ICT communication, control and exchangeable platform; Battery system design for lightweight vehicles; Reduction of carbon footprint through optimisation of transport routes, and solutions for densely populated areas. Lastly, GS-TMT team is experienced in industrial design and solving electrical engineering challenges.

GS-TMT can contribute project design, proposal writing, product and process design, virtual and physical prototyping, development, industrial validation, testing, demonstration, and implementation phases, for RIA, IA, CSA or EIC projects. i.e. GS-TMT carbon-neutral and smart cities mission; affordable and sustainable urban mobility solutions; Destinations: Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes; safe, resilient and smart mobility etc. Topics/Calls: Unleashing the innovation potential of urban mobility; urban climate neutrality; Urban planning and design for just, sustainable, resilient and climate-neutral cities; Integration of social innovation actors; Seamless safe logistics; Design and industrial deployment of innovative manufacturing; innovative battery solutions, safe and resilient value-chains etc.

We would welcome your proposals and gladly discuss your ideas.


GS TMS IS CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2015, EN1090-1:2009+A1:2011, EN 1090-2:2018, EN ISO 3834-2

The parts produced in our plant are installed in:

  • Packaging machines

  • Construction machines

  • Transfer lines for car industry

  • European railways DB and SNCF

  • High-end Bicycles

  • Printing industry