Surface Technology

Surface Technology

GS – TMT performs a mechanical preparation surface for the coating process by shot blasting according to EM ISO 9001. We have a flow shotgun BOSTOV and a shotgun chamber BOSTOV.

The process of applying organic coatings (primer and top coat is done according to EM ISO 1244). The coating is applied with AIR MIX devices (syringes, pumps) for wet application as well as electrostatic wet painting, as well as paste painting using a powder polymerization furnace. The coating process takes place in two-part BLOWTERM chambers measuring 1640x540x540 with controlled operating conditions (operating temperature, drying temperature, carriers, ventilation extraction).

We are qualified to measure the thickness of the coating, measure the gloss of the coating, perform the test for adhesion, the test for chemical resistance of the coating as well as the measurement of ΔE, Δ4, Δa, Δb.

GS- TMT offers several types of modern surface treatments

  • Powdercoating

  • Wet painting

  • Sandblasting

  • Raw shipment of heat treated elements

Surface treatment capacities

  • Blowtherm Model 1500 Heating Owen

  • Sandblasting unit

  • Wagner powder coating unit with a capacity of 4 meters

  • Heat treatment furnaces after welding

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