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GS – TMT in Bosnia has decades of experience in the production of machine elements to order, as well as complete machines and components in the automotive industry.

Your Idea –
Our Realisation

Although we have several clients, we emphasize that we work with Liebherr, a world giant when it comes to machines. How did that happen?

As we all know, any plan or action that is long-term requires planning and precision. This is what we can deliver. All our projects and orders are of high quality and on time, we have a capable and skilled team that is always ready for the task at hand.

Equally important is our company’s initiative to always look ahead and closely monitor technological breakthroughs. We started the production of our own electric delivery vehicle (EVO), basically integrating our main metal refining function with the new ideas and trends that dominate the world today.

With growing faith in our way of doing business and our employees, we plan to grow and develop even more.

Advantages of partnership with GS TMT

Competitive price

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Fast delivery
Tailor-made concepts
We develop tailor-made concepts that meet the complex requirements of your car
Comprehensive knowledge and experience

Let’s Build Something Together

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