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How can companies reduce CO2 emissions and achieve climate neutrality?

One of the biggest problems that humanity has to deal with on a global scale is the problems of our environment, climate and various ecological problems.

Therefore, we use the solar energy around us using solar panels, thereby contributing to reducing pollution.

Installation of a 300 kW solar power plant for our own needs in order to achieve savings and reduce CO2. Replacement of the primary energy source coal with lower CO2 emissions.

Construction of a photovoltaic power plant. We are continuously developing new methods to reduce CO2, one example is the use of waste heat using heat exchangers.

Your advantages with us as a partner

– All from a single source thanks to our comprehensive technical, energy and service competence
– Holistic approach
– Proven expertise from nationwide energy efficiency projects
– Guaranteed savings with our innovative contracting models

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Energy efficiency as the key to the energy transition

We know: the first step towards energy efficiency is always the hardest. And yet, every company must take this step – because increasing energy efficiency is a key prerequisite for the success of the energy transition. The underlying principle is obvious: Energy you don’t use doesn’t have to be generated or compensated. That’s why we at GS TMT have believed for years: Saved energy is the best energy.

Energy efficiency leads to new possibilities

Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on suitable options and support you in the organization, from the application for funding to the confirmation of support. This allows you to concentrate on your core business, to guarantee CO2 savings and reduce your costs – so that you can optimally position your company in terms of energy efficiency and climate neutrality.

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