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With a proper and thorough consultation with our work equipment specialist, we can reduce your production costs! Processing capabilities include cell/fixture/measuring device design with program optimization with a clear “big picture” vision.


Are your operations costing too much? We manufacture and install industrial components into complex products according to customer requirements and needs.

GS TMT was founded in 1952. Our mission at GS is to provide “Intelligent Support for Improved Productivity” to our customers by delivering high-quality, value-oriented tools in workholder systems. GS provides services in the field of work holding equipment, material handling through magnetic systems as well as solutions for non-ferrous materials through innovative fixtures and clamping systems. GS offers a wide range of products that meet the needs of different industries. GS has a clientele as diverse as its products consisting of many global companies.

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GS – Machine Factory Travnik

Est 1952.