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GDPR data protection

1. Statement on data protection of the application process GS TMT Bosnia and Herzegovina

We, GS-Tvornica machina Travnik d.o.o. Travnik, Slimena bb, 72770,
Phone +387 30 519 300, Fax +387 33 778 400, E-Mail: info@gs-tmt.com (hereinafter referred to as “GS TMT”), we look forward to your visit to our website as well as your interest in GS TMT Bosnia and Herzegovina. We, at gs concern, as a data controller in terms of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, take the protection of your personal data very seriously and respect the legal regulations on the protection of personal data.

With this information on the protection of personal data for registration by post and e-mail, as well as registration through our online portal, we want to inform you about what (personal) data you use when visiting this website, as well as what (personal) data we or the companies of the dm concern we process as part of the job application processing process.

2. Visiting the website and creating record files

During each visit to our website, our system automatically collects data and information from the computer system of the site visitor. In doing so, the following data is collected:

Request (Name of the requested file) (E.g. www.primjer.ba/index.html)
Browser type/version
Browser language (eg: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)
Operating system used
The internal resolution of the browser window
Screen resolution
JavaScript activation
Java on/off
Cookies On/Off
Color depth
Referer URL (previously visited page)
IP Address (anonymized)
Access time
If necessary, the contents of the form (in the case of fields for free text input, e.g. for name and password, only the information “filled in” or “not filled out”) is transmitted.

Data is stored in our system’s log files. Analyzes of these sets of records in an anonymized form serve to detect errors faster and remove them in the shortest possible time, which also enables us to manage server capacity and improve our offer. We use IP addresses only in exceptional cases for the purpose of analyzing data abuse. The stated purpose is our legitimate interest in data processing in accordance with Article 6. Paragraph 1. f) OJZP, i.e. Article 6. Paragraph 1. c) ZZLP, which is also the legal basis for data collection. Data analysis for marketing purposes is not carried out in this respect.

The data stored in the record files is deleted within 30 days at the latest.


3. Use of cookies and other comparable technologies

Our websites use the so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files, which are saved on your computer and which your browser can store. Data from these files will not be merged with other data sources, unless it serves to fulfill the contract concluded with you or you have expressly approved the merger or there is a legal or other basis that authorizes the merger. If the user visits the website, the cookie can be saved from the browser to his computer. This cookie contains a characteristic text record, which enables clear recognition of the browser when visiting the Internet page again.

Most of the cookies we use are so-called “session cookies”,  which are deleted when you close your browser session. In addition, there are also long-term cookies, through which we recognize you as a visitor. Cookies on your computer do not cause any damage and do not contain viruses. As a user, you can influence the use of cookies. By changing the settings on your internet browser, you can deactivate or limit the transfer of cookies. You can delete already stored cookies at any time, and also activate automatic deletion. If you deactivate cookies for our website, there is a possibility that all functions of the website will not be available to you in full.

On our website, we use technical cookies and similar technologies without which you cannot use our services. They enable users to move on the Internet, ensuring basic functionalities such as navigation on pages and secure access. Without these cookies, the site would not function according to its purpose. The stated purpose is our legitimate interest in data processing in accordance with Article 6. Paragraph 1. f) OJZP, or Article 6. Paragraph 1. c) of ZZLP. This is also the legal basis for processing.

For other purposes of processing for which cookies or similar technologies are used, we ask for your consent. To give consent, we use the so-called Cookie-Banner that enables you to give your consent for various processing purposes when you first visit the page. You can easily manage your consent at any time by dragging it to deselect it. You can find the link to the Cookie-Banner at the bottom of our website.

In order to make your choice easier, we have categorized our data processing in which we use cookies or other technologies according to the following processing purposes:

3.1 Additional functions

Functional cookies make it possible to save information that can change the appearance or actions on the website. This also includes optional functions such as the display of a job advertisement on an interactive map.

Using the Google Maps service

If you consent to the use of functional cookies within the Cookie-Banner, when you search for jobs, we will use maps from the Google Maps service (Google Inc.) to display job vacancies on an interactive map. including your IP address will be transferred to and stored on a Google server in the USA. This means that Google stores cookies on your computer when you use the job search service. If you visit one of our websites, which contains Google Maps, your browser establishes a direct connection with the servers of Google. Google will then transfer the content of the map directly to your browser, and your browser will integrate it into the website. We have no influence on the data transferred in this way and to the extent determined by Google. You will find more information about this in Google’s policy of conduct: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.

The legal basis for data processing is your consent in accordance with Article 6. Paragraph 1. a) of the OJZP and in accordance with Article 5. ZZLP. You can revoke this consent with effect for the future by changing your choice on the cookie notification.

3.2 Analytics


Analytical cookies help us to better understand which contents on the page are particularly attractive to you, so that we can adapt them even better to your needs.


Analytical tool of SAS Institute GmbH

If you consent to the use of analytical cookies via the Cookie Banner, we will use the tracking technology of SAS Institute GmbH, Heidelberg, for the purpose of designing the page in accordance with the user’s needs. This technology helps us understand which sites and services are particularly attractive to us. The following data is collected:

Request (Name of the requested file) (eg www.primjer.ba/index.html)
Browser type / version
Browser language (eg: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)
Device name and class
Operating system used
The internal resolution of the browser window
Screen resolution
JavaScript activation
Java On / Off
Cookies On / Off
Color depth
The amount of data transferred over the network in bytes and the transfer time between the prefled client and the server in milliseconds
Referer URL (Previously visited


4. Candidate data

4.1 Submission of application

On our website, you can get an overview of vacancies and apply immediately through our candidate application portal.

The application is completed via an online form.

If you have activated the “AutoFill” option on your browser, you can use it when filling out the application. In doing so, the necessary data, which you have saved in your browser, such as name, surname, address, etc., are automatically entered into the application as a suggestion. You can of course change or delete the data afterwards, before the application is sent to us.

We collect, process and use the personal data and documents that you provided and uploaded during the application process exclusively for the purpose of processing the application and in the employment process. If you have provided them, these data may also include data that fall into special categories of personal data, defined in Article 9 of the OJZP / Article 9 of the ZZLP, such as severe disability or equality (data on health status). The legal basis for data processing is your consent in accordance with Article 6. Paragraph 1. a) of the OJZP and in accordance with Article 5. ZZLP.

4.2 External employment intermediaries

We have entered into an agreement with external recruitment intermediaries, in order to obtain information from these profiles about possible candidates who are interesting to us. If you have contacted an employment intermediary, he is primarily responsible for the processing of your data (and in accordance with legal regulations), especially for the proper transfer to us. We are interested in receiving personal data about you, only when you qualify as a shortlisted candidate. Candidate profiles sent to us are recorded on our candidate application portal. In the event of interest, we or the appropriate employment intermediary will contact the mediated candidate and, if desired, actively include him in our application process. The legal basis in these situations is Article 26 of the German Personal Data Protection Act, and in connection with Article 88 of the Personal Data Protection Act and Articles 12 and 5 of the ZZLP.

If we are an employment intermediary, who normally receives compensation if the job is successful, we are obliged, based on the contractual agreement with them, to check whether a contract has been concluded with the registered candidate and us within 12 months after the candidate’s presentation by the employment intermediary. Therefore, profiles of candidates presented through employment intermediaries are stored with us for this purpose for a maximum of 12 months. We have a legitimate interest in this (the legal basis is Article 6. Paragraph 1. f) of the OJZP and Article 5. Paragraph 3 of the ZZLP), because this is the only way we can fulfill our contractual obligations towards intermediaries. Since you have chosen the employment process through an intermediary, our interests prevail and it is necessary to store your data as evidence and possibly keep it for 12 months as evidence and possibly process the agreed compensation.

If, in addition to this application, you want to use our portal for applications, the provisions prescribed for each offer individually apply, and it is especially necessary to pay attention to possible deviations in terms of deletion.


5 Recipient categories, transfer to third countries

As a rule, we do not transfer your data to third parties, except in the case of a legal obligation (e.g. when requested by authorities responsible for criminal prosecution) or if we need this data to carry out business processes or use it within the framework of fulfilling contracts with processors, e.g. with providers of IT services or web hosting services. As previously explained in more detail, we also transfer your data to other gs-concern companies if you have given us your consent for this or if you have applied for a job with them. In each of these cases, we strictly comply with the legal provisions.

It is possible that your data will be forwarded to other countries where the contractual partners listed above may have headquarters or process data. These are primarily the countries of the European Economic Area, and in individual cases also countries outside it. Such countries may have data protection rules that are different and provide a lower level of protection than those in the EU. This may for example result in the authorities being able to process your data for tracking control purposes, preferably without the possibility of appeal. In the event that personal data is processed outside the EU, and the European Commission has not made a decision on the sufficient level of protection measures, we implement appropriate protective measures, including the conclusion of standard EU data protection clauses. The contractual text of the EU Standard Data Protection Clauses and adequacy decisions can be found on the European Commission website, EU Standard Data Protection Clauses under Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) | European Commission (europa.eu), provisions on adequacy Adequacy decisions | EU Commission (europa.eu).

6 Contact details of the personal data protection officer

For inquiries regarding data protection or your personal data in dm BiH, you can contact our personal data protection officer:

E-Mail: zastitapodakata@gs-tmt.com
By mail:
GS – Tvornica machina Travnika d.o.o.
n/r of the Personal Data Protection Officer
Slimena bb
72270 Travnik

6.1 Supplementary provisions

The continuous development of the Internet requires periodic adjustments to our data protection principles. Therefore, we reserve the right to make changes at any time. In case of any questions or suggestions regarding our application process, please contact our colleagues from Human Resources at posao@gs-tmt.com. Please note that our e-mail communication that will follow your inquiry is not encrypted.

If you use these options and contact us, we will use your data to respond to your inquiries and to communicate with you. The legal basis for data processing is your consent in accordance with Article 6. Paragraph 1. a) of the OJZP and in accordance with Article 5. ZZLP. Based on the legal retention period, the received data will be deleted at the latest after 6 years have passed since the query processing was locked.